I’ve had the opportunity to chat about accessibility with many wonderful people. This page lists all the people who have appeared as a guest on the A11y Rules Podcast.


Bahram, Sina

Sina runs an accessibility firm called Prime Access Consulting. We do a lot of work with organizations especially in the cultural heritage sectors, like museums, and non-profits oriented around that space but also with start-ups and universities and larger companies on digital accessibility, whether that's web accessibility, iPhone apps, digital interactives that involve large touch interfaces in museums, and applying the principles of inclusive and universal design to that so those types of experiences and technologies are available to the widest possible audience.

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Boudreau, Denis

I'm from Montreal, Canada. I work for Deque Systems. I've been working in Accessibility for about 17 years, doing mostly consulting, and training, and strategy with different clients, and that's about it.

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Eggert, Eric

Eric is a W3C fellow and works at Knowbility. He also teaches accessibility at university. He tells us about his work and the redesign of the WAI site to make things easier to find and understand.

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Feingold, Lainey

Lainey is a disability rights lawyer who has been helping blind people and organizations for the best part of 20 years. She stresses that the right to an accessible website is a civil right.

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Fisher, Carie

There are many sides of Carie Fisher, but me in particular, I work with Drupal specifically, and then accessibility. I've been making websites professionally since 2005. And just in the past few years, really gotten deeper into the world of accessibility and trying to spearhead that inside the Drupal community.

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Gibbins, Jon

Jon Gibbins is a developer and designer who took the plunge into accessibility many years ago.

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Gouveia, Arthur

I'm a front-end developer here at Shopify. I've recently started working here, and I say recently as in two years ago because it just feels like a short amount of time, given so many things that happen when you change country. I'm originally from Brazil. And yeah, I've been involved into accessibility really early on in my career here at Shopify, given that I found some space to do so. And been enjoying a lot making sure that not only I have this always in the back of my head, but also like educating some people here.

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Gregory, Billy

I guess I wear a few hats. I've been known as the director of training for the Paciello Group. I am the co-organizer of A level YTO, which is a meetup group based out of Toronto. We do camps, meetups, and conferences. And I've also been called a lumberjack in my day. So yeah, pick a hat and I can wear that one.

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Jolly, Robert

Senior web accessibility strategist at Knowbility. Knowbility is a non-profit, 501c3 non-profit based out of Austin, Texas.

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Kinney, Kris Anne

Kris Anne Kinney works as an accessibility specialist for Educational Testing Services, a company that is a leader in assessments.

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Knight, Jamie

An autistic developer and accessibility specialist at the BBC. Most people know me as Jamie and Lion, because I've got a four foot lion that goes everywhere with me. And I've been involved in the web and accessibility for about 15 years now.

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Major, Kirsty

Kirsty is an online English teacher who specialises in business English for adults. In her spare time she runs Unseen Beauty, a beauty and lifestyle blog from the perspective of someone who is blind. Kirsty has two blogs, two podcasts, and she’s working on her second book.

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Mazdur, Desi

Desi used to work as a programmer but due to his disability is no longer able to work. He is an avid user of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech recognition software.

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Palmer, Mark

I'm an accessibility consultant with 11 years experience. I've worked in both consultancy, both as an employee, freelance. I currently work in a large public sector organization in Edinburgh, where I work in the user experience team. My main focus within that team is web accessibility.

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Scott, Jason

Jason Scott works at the Internet Archive. Previously he worked at He does documentary films and announcements for the Internet Archive. He "basically try to get out there and talk about old stuff to people".

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Simmons, Josh

I am a longtime web developer, been coding professionally for maybe, going on two decades now. These days I do less development work and more outreach work, as I am on the Google Open Source Outreach Team and I also sit on the Open Source Initiative Board of Directors. A lot of what I do these days is about connecting with open source communities and supporting them, and less direct development.

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Sims, Glenda

Glenda Sims is Deque's lead of Accessibility Methodology Practice and Quality. She has been doing digital accessibility since before 2000, and it's her passion. She used to say she was the self-appointed accessibility Godess!

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Skeries, Andrea

I'm a huge lover of art and technology, and bringing the two together, as a front end web developer and designer. I'm being playing with HTML, since that first Bondi Blue iMac came out, using table layouts, and Angelfire for hosting. I've been learning about web accessibility for a little over 10 years. I was among the first group of people to become certified professional, and accessibility core competencies, or CPAC from the IAAP a couple of years ago.

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Ueki, Makoto

I'm a Japanese web accessibility consultant. I've been participating in W3C accessibility guidelines working group. I was chair of Japanese National Standards working group for web accessibility. Plus, I'm a chairman of a web accessibility infrastructure committee in Japan.

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Zeldman, Jeffrey

A Book Apart. A List Apart. An Event Apart. The Big Web Show. Designing With Web Standards. studio.zeldman. Friend of the Japanese children.

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van Gemert, Vasilis

I'm a lecturer at University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam in The Netherlands where I teach the next generation of web developers and web designers about designing digital products. I'm focused on accessibility. I also do a study, a master's course at the university in Rotterdam in design research and my subject is accessibility.

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