Guest setup

Thank you for coming on board as a guest for the A11y Rules Podcast or Soundbite. This is how we’ll be handling the recording (unless arranged otherwise):


  • Please find a quiet space for recording to avoid audio in the background.
  • You need to use a headphone with microphone. Avoid using a phone headset if possible. Wireless AirPods are ok. Do not use your laptop’s microphone, particularly not without a headset (this would create a lot of audio feedback).
  • If you have access to a USB Condenser Microphone, that would be ideal. You may be able to borrow one from a colleague or a friend.
  • I use the Zencastr platform to record most shows. I will send you a calendar invite with a link. You don’t need to install anything or use plugins. The platform will record both sides of our conversation, then upload the recording to my Dropbox. Please don’t close the browser until you receive a message that the file has been uploaded.
  • I enable the video option so we can see each other while chatting, but video is not recorded.
  • Please use the latest stable version of Chrome, Edge, or Brave (Zencaster does some voodoo under the hood that works better with Chrome or Edge).
  • Use a wired connection if at all possible.


Unfortunately, the Zencastr platform is not the most accessible. While I’m talking to them about improving it, right now, we may need to fall back on other methods if you aren’t able to use Zencastr, such as using Skype. I know Skype’s latest versions aren’t particularly screen reader friendly, but it’s possible to roll back to the “Classic” version. I’m open to investigating other methods if you have a way that works best for you.